He for She Ed: The Charter

Welcome, Thanks for joining us!


  1. To be committed to fighting for gender equity.
  2. To question male only/biased events, give up our voices and platforms.
  3. To engage in self-reflection (of internalised biased) before interaction involving power (avoiding male fragility)
  4. To recognise that women aren’t the same. (including the issues around trans women, women of colour, poor women, disabled women (etc) are far more complex)
  5. To magnify female voices from a QT to sharing a book title. As women don’t get adequate recognition for their ideas and labour.
  6. To focus our energy on men. As an ally, it’s not our job to tell women anything about their oppression.


All oppression is intersectional but so is privilege. It is your duty to use your privilege to empower those without it.

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Published by Pran Patel

@MrPranPatel - Assistant Principal - NPQSL- Curriculum and Standards - Transition - Outward Facing Leader @UKedChat ambassador @UKEd_London @2ndaryrocks #HeForShe #BAMEed

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