HeForShe A Call to Arms

The Teacherist This blog was originally written for the Womened blog. If you agree with anything in this blog, I would advocate following and supporting the movement. @Womened http://womenedblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/07/he-for-she-call-to-arms/ Why? I don’t believe in a world where women are treated differently men, a world where your ‘gender’ plays an integral role in predicting the story […]

He for She Ed: The Charter

Welcome, Thanks for joining us! Charter To be committed to fighting for gender equity. To question male only/biased events, give up our voices and platforms. To engage in self-reflection (of internalised biased) before interaction involving power (avoiding male fragility) To recognise that women aren’t the same. (including the issues around trans women, women of colour, […]